Terms and Conditions


  • Departure times may be changed or amended without prior notice due to weather conditions, or unforeseen mechanical issues.

  • It is the responsibility of the passengers to verify and confirm the departure times prior to their proposed travel.

  • It is the responsibility of the passengers to verify if their citizenship allows them to visit Saint-Barth (Make sure you don't need a visa! - NO visa needed for citizens of the European Union, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Israel).

  • It is mandatory for all passengers, including French nationals, to have a valid passport.

  • You can change the booking (the date or the departure time) by writing to us 24 hours before the scheduled date of your trip, at no extra charge.

  • Tickets - once purchased - are NOT refundable.

  • GREAT BAY EXPRESS cannot be held responsible for ships cancellation or changes in schedules, ticket prices or delays for any reason whatsoever.

  • It is not a responsibility of GREAT BAY EXPRESS to perform or engage a substitution in case of cancellation or delays of the trip. No fault will be accepted by GREAT BAY EXPRESS.


 Important Notice:


  • Term & Condition Agreement Must Be Agreed To Before The Ticket & Reservation Process Will Begin   

  • Price Advertised is the total price which includes all Tax and Port Fee        

Sales Events

Tickets valid for 30 days from purchase date.

No on-line purchases of Sales Event Tickets.

Sales Events Tickets  Can only be purchased at Great Bay Express Offices only.

Shuttle Service

  1. All Shuttle Services are $10 per transport.

  2. $10 is paid to the shuttle driver at time of transport.

  3. Other Term & Conditions for regular $10 shuttle services

  4. Email Contact:  GreatBayShuttle@gmail.com  

  5. Shuttle arrangements are the responsibility of the passenger.

  6. Shuttle can be arranged with driver at point of pick up or drop off.

  7. Shuttle Transportation is $10 per passenger per transport unless otherwise indicate.

  8. Upon Arrival at St Maarten Airport Please Visit The Airport Information Desk For Further Assistants

  Booking & Reservation On-Line Engine


   1. Infant ... 0 to 3 Years Old and Travel FREE 

   2. Child ...  4 Years Old to 12 Years Old Travel at Reduced Ticket Price          

   3. Non-Resident Adult - 13 Years Old and Up

   4. Resident Adult - Please Select Resident Adult

         a. Resident Must Provide Valid Picture ID at Check-In to Receive Resident Discount.

         b. Failure to Show Resident ID Will Result In Being Charged the Non-Resident Ticket Price

         c. Valid Picture ID For Resident Discount Must Be Issued From St Maarten, St. Martin, St Barthelemy ONLY

Day Trips

  • Day Trip is defined as same day depart and return to original departure point.

  • Day Trip Tickets are to be used within their defined use.

  • Abuse or Misuse of Day Trip Tickest as define could result but not limited to forfeiture of ticket and service.

  • Person who purchases a Day Trip Ticket but attempts to use the ticket on another day for return trip will either be denied passage or given the option to purchase a full price One Way non-resident ticket for the return.  

Pet Requirements 

  • Pet Passport

  • Health Certificate From Veterinarian

  • Chip ID With Registration Number

  • Chip ID Registration Number Must Be Documented On The Pet Passport & Health Certificate

VISA Requirements

  • It is the responsibility of the passengers to verify if their citizenship allows them to visit St Barthelemy. (St Barth)

  • Please visit your home countries French Consulate or visit the French National Consulate website Click Here for latest updates.

  • There will be no refund of monies to passengers who have not checked their VISA requirements and then are denied entry.

  •  NO visa needed for citizens of the European Union, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Israel

  • Valid Passport is required.

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